New funding available for environmental projects

5th September 2017

New funding has become available to support projects which have a positive and long-term impact on the environment around us. The focus of The Phillips Fund is to protect, conserve, enhance and improve the rural landscape for the enjoyment of the communities around it and to preserve it for generations to come.

Applications will be considered for a wide variety of projects which benefit the community and landscape. Examples of projects include; community garden projects, regeneration of hedgerows or village ponds, creation of wildflower meadows or new native woodlands, planting of native trees and hedging regeneration and restoration of local habitats.

The Fund will consider funding the cost of planting hedges, saplings, seeds etc. but the capital cost of equipment should not be a major part of the application. However, the cost of hiring larger pieces of equipment or contractors may be considered for specialist jobs.

Swanely Wildlife and Nature Group case study

The Phillips Fund has funded projects for the Swanely Wildlife and Nature Group who are a team of volunteers managing the Environment Area in Swanley Park which includes two wildflower areas, a native hedge, native trees, logpiles, bird boxes and a natural path through the area.

The Project:

The group used funding to plant eight native trees and 500 spring bulbs to further enhance the Environment Area. Some of the trees were berry bearing, thus enriching the food source for birds in the area. The trees also provide habitats for insects and may encourage birds to nest there when they have matured. The Environment Area is a popular place for people to walk and admire the trees and native bulbs along the natural footpaths which are kept clear to allow pedestrians access throughout the entire Environment Area. Another aim of the planting project was to further the learning aspect of the volunteers who may never have planted a tree or bulb before, thereby furthering their ownership of the project and stimulating volunteers.

Swanely Wildlife and Nature Group - Spring Bulbs Swanely Wildlife and Nature Group - Volunteers

The Difference Made:

The planting was completed by 30 volunteers and is enjoyed by both the volunteers and members of the public who walk through the area. The volunteers thoroughly enjoyed planting the trees, which are now flourishing and the bulbs make a welcome sight in the Spring. Visitors to the area really enjoy the spring bulbs and the group is happy to see the native trees grow to provide more habitats for birds. New skills were achieved and the wider community have benefited by the addition of trees and bulbs in the area.

If you would like to apply for funding visit our funding available page here.

If you have any queries about the application process then please contact us via e-mail or by phone 01303 814500.