Focus On: One project, one application form

5th March 2018

Tips for applying for funding from an unusual grant-maker...

In order to give the best support we can to the third sector in Kent and Medway, Kent Community Foundation give a significant amount of pre-application advice. During the due diligence/assessment stage we have detailed communications with applicants in order that we understand the application adequately to present it in its most positive light to our various panels of fund-holders. Post-award, we are flexible if things don’t quite go according to plan.

Kent Community Foundation has more than 70 different funds, and about 20 different application forms (many of our funds subscribe to our four main themes, so do not have a standalone form).  

Please be aware: 

1.    If you are not sure which form to complete – perhaps you can see your project sitting comfortably under two or three of the funds which are open - call us and ask to speak to a member of the grants team for some advice.  We’ll know which is the right form for you – what each fund is favouring at that time, which fund is undersubscribed etc.

2.    We operate a “one form fits all” policy – so once you have submitted one form, no need to complete any others.  You may feel that it will increase your chances of success but we will actively match your application with all those funds which we think might be interested in your request.  Do not fill in multiple forms for the same project!  It wastes your time and ours.

3.    Many of our funds operate within our quarterly round cycle - four rounds a year, March to May, June to August, September to November, December to February.  Some – for example our annual funds - run outside of this, this information is always clearly displayed on our website and in our communications.

4.    If you have two or three projects which you are seeking funding for, do not submit them all to us on different forms in the same round – it’s very rare that we will progress multiple applications from the same organisation in the same round.  You need to prioritise your strongest/most urgent request and go with that.  If you don’t, we’ll ask you to do it post-submission – lower priority projects usually won’t be considered.

So remember – one project, one form, one round.

For more advice please call our Grants Team on 01303 814 500. 

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