Trust Transfers

Why not consider Kent Community Foundation as a safe haven for your Charitable Trust?

UK Community Foundations have worked closely with the Charity Commission to develop the understanding and expertise required to handle trust transfers and mergers effectively.  The Charity Commission have acknowledged the work of Community Foundations in revitalising moribund (dormant) or ineffective trusts – see the Charity Commission statement.  Over the past 10 years, Community Foundations have provided a safe haven for over 3,000 trust funds with assets totalling £35 million. 


Trust Transfers might particularly benefit local grant-making trusts that Trustees are finding difficult tomanage.  They may be struggling to make effective grants, the administrative duties might have become too much of a burden, or perhaps they are having difficulty recruiting new trustees.  Or it might be that Trustees are simply looking for an efficient and sustainable way of ensuring that the excellent work of their Trust and its charitable purpose is continued in perpetuity.

Kent Community Foundation has broad charitable objects and is therefore well-placed to ensure that future grant-making is true to the spirit of original objects. Trustees can stay fully involved as advisors, recommending future grants, if they wish, while handing over the legal responsibility of managing the trust to the Community Foundation.


I was a little sceptical at first, as I didn’t want our family trust to lose its identity; I wanted it to continue in the way that we had set it up and to retain some involvement in where the money was spent.  To my relief, when I discussed my concerns with the Foundation I discovered that they were as keen as I was to ensure that the fund stayed true to its purpose and that I could remain as involved as I wanted. 

A donor who transferred a charitable fund in her father's name to their local Community Foundation

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Kent Community Foundation is to able draw on the collective experience of UK Community Foundations to provide guidance and support every step of the way to trusts wishing to consider transferring responsibility.  If would like to know more about how Kent Community Foundation can support you, please contact our Development Team via