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  • Do you have a client who is interested in setting up a charitable trust through their will, but is wary of the fees and legal responsibilities they may be entailing on friends and family?
  • Has your client approached you with a request to leave a charitable bequest to help a variety of local Kent charities?
  • Does your client feel that they want to leave a gift to their local community, but hasn’t been able to find the right vehicle?
  • If the answer to any of these questions is yes, we may be able to provide an answer.

About Kent Community Foundation 

We are the experts in community need at KCF, and work closely with thousands of local grassroots groups in Kent, who are helping our communities to thrive in so many different ways. Whatever the charitable interests of your client, we probably already support a group or groups working in that area in Kent – who may or may not be registered charities. If not, we can research grassroots groups working in any particular interest area. Have a look at some of the groups we have recently supported

KCF can:

  • Use its local expertise to match deserving causes with the criteria of your client
  • Provide a solution for leaving one straightforward legacy which benefits a wide range of different deserving causes
  • Offer a way to make one gift which keeps on giving, in perpetuity, to the causes your client supports
  • Enable friends and family to be involved in the grant-making decision process without the burden of legal or fiscal responsibility

For further information, please read more about our Charitable Legacy Service or to request a meeting, with or without a client, please email our Development Team or call us on 01303 814500. We understand that your relationship with your client is important. We respect that, and would never ask you to compromise your professional integrity. However, we may be able to offer a solution to your client through our local expertise. 

KCF is governed by a strong and committed Board of Trustees, all respected Kent people, chaired by The Lady Colgrain DL.

KCF regularly passes the rigorous process of Quality Accreditation, run by UK Community Foundations and endorsed by the Charity Commission.

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