How a named legacy fund works

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This works in a very similar way to setting up a Named Fund. As it is activated by a charitable gift through your will, KCF asks for written instructions in advance on naming, setting priorities, criteria and goals for fund distribution via a 'Letter of Wishes'. 

The legacy can then be invested in an endowment fund, which would create a lasting legacy for the local community in perpetuity – a gift which keeps on giving - as the endowment then generates an annual income that is available for local grants year after year after year. Dependent on government programmes at the time, there may also be match funding available to be added to the fund, and KCF would claim that on your behalf.

For those who do not want to establish an endowment fund, there is also the option to create what we call a flow-through fund. Donations are not invested but are spent down for immediate impact in our Kent communities, usually over a defined period of time, which we agree with the donor.   

White Cliffs of Dover - KCF Beneficiary

Tailor-make your legacy

KCF offers donors a high level of involvement in how, where and when their charitable funds are spent, through the 'Letter of Wishes'. Donors decide in advance on the priorities and charitable focus of their fund, but KCF manages the entire administrative process - researching local projects, carrying out the necessary due diligence and evaluating the outcomes. There is none of the usual administration associated with registering a charitable trust – no accounts or annual returns, no bureaucratic trustee meetings, no unsolicited appeals to be dealt with by any family or friends who have been nominated to take part in the grant-making process. Just the reassurance that KCF will carry out your wishes.

Simon macLachlan, the founding Chairman of KCF, plans to leave a legacy to set up “The macLachlan Family Fund” with KCF.

We want to enable the family’s contributions to various local causes, and more generally throughout Kent, to continue. But we also want our legacy to be actively managed so that our fund can respond to changes in the future, such as when particular charities cease to exist or new ones emerge. A named fund with Kent Community Foundation means that a legacy can continue to make a meaningful and effective difference for many generations to come. Despite Kent’s apparent beauty and affluence, there are many deprived people in its villages and towns for whom the help given by voluntary groups provides a lifeline.”

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