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Whether your company has an established Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plan or is newer to the area of charitable giving, Kent Community Foundation (KCF) can offer a simple, flexible and effective way of making a difference in your community. More and more companies want to give something back to their own local community and support local charitable causes that touch the lives of their staff and customers.

Whilst companies work with us for a number of reasons, the majority are drawn to KCF’s robust grant-making expertise, especially our knowledge of smaller local charities and community projects, often operating under the radar, where a modest sum of money can make a big difference.  Effective charitable giving can be time-consuming, especially if your company doesn’t have additional resources to deal with requests for support and the knowledge of networks within the community. KCF can help meet these needs and make local giving as easy as possible, leaving companies free to manage their businesses.

Read our New Fund Option Factsheet here.

If you would like further information on how KCF can support local companies who want to invest in their local communities, please contact KCF by email or phone 01303 814500


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Meet the businesses who give through us

Michael Head, Crown Fund 

Michael Head (pictured left), Chairman of Crown Imperial, a 70-year old kitchens and bedroom business based in Herne Bay, is grateful for all the support youth clubs and other organisations offered him in his youth. Following his success, he wanted to give something back, and is a long-term Fund-holder at KCF:

I was stunned by the concept of being able to put money into a fund at our convenience, with a name of our choice, that we could add to, and identify projects that needed our financial support… Until you get close, it’s difficult to appreciate how fantastic this system is. You put the money in and make donations to causes as and when they crop up and when they happen to suit what you believe in. There is zero pressure. It’s so simple and easy. It's one of the best things I've ever done in my life.

Michael Head, Founder of the Crown Charitable Fund