Give to your Community


We offer a tailored service to philanthropists who want to invest in their local community, whether private individuals, companies or grant-makers. Some philanthropists already have causes they feel passionately about, such as young carers, tackling poverty or helping ex-offenders fulfil their potential. Others just want to help wherever the need is greatest. Whatever your starting point, our job at KCF is to ensure that your giving has a big impact where it is needed most.

We use our knowledge and network of contacts to put donors in touch with fantastic local causes. Because of our local expertise, we can often find wonderful grassroots projects, operating below the radar, where a modest sum of money can make a huge difference.

Paul Rooney, owner of Arun Estates, and his wife Clare wanted to help people, especially children, who are disadvantaged in life whether through disability, illness or poverty. In 2007, they set up their own fund, The Rooney Foundation, under the Kent Community Foundation umbrella to support local children and families. The Rooney Foundation has gone from strength to strength and has touched the lives of hundreds of children.

What’s great about Kent Community Foundation is that it ensures that we are helping genuine cases of need. The team has put us in touch with causes that we would never have come across because there is such a wide range of needs that exists in our community.We have been able to help so many children and families whose brave and inspiring stories couldn’t fail to move you. It is incredibly rewarding for us to see first-hand the impact of our giving. It makes us realise how fortunate we are and what a great privilege it is to be able to reach out to help others in this way.

What is unique about working with a Community Foundation is the level of involvement and decision-making donors enjoy. We encourage donors to stay engaged in their giving and continue to decide how, when and where their charitable donation is spent. It is so rewarding, as a donor, to see close-up the impact of your charitable giving.

We can also offer advisory and consultancy services to help philanthropists and existing grant-makers maximise the impact of their charitable giving. This might include researching a particular need, such as homelessness, and identifying the most effective ways of addressing that need. It can also include leveraging additional support and bringing together various funders to work strategically on a specific social issue. This is a particularly useful resource for ‘time-poor’ personal or family trusts.

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