Fredericks Foundation

Fredericks KentKent Community Foundation is working in partnership with Fredericks Foundation to establish a microfinance fund for Kent and Medway, offering small business loans as Fredericks Foundation does across its other areas. Kent Community Foundation will use its knowledge and expertise to raise capital to lend, attracting additional support from the government’s Regional Growth Fund. This fund will complement two other regional loan funds: Kent Big Society Fund, which Kent Community Foundation currently manages and is available to social enterprises; and Expansion East Kent which is a fund for larger enterprises managed by Kent County Council. The combination of the three funds will help ensure the widest range of businesses have alternative access to finance.

Fredericks Foundation will consider you for a loan and business support if you can demonstrate that you have made a genuine application for funds to your bank or a mainstream lender – and that you have been turned down.

Your business can be at any stage: you may require money to start-up; capital to expand your business; or funds to bridge a gap. Whether you are a sole trader, in a partnership or have a limited company you may be eligible for a loan.

For start-up businesses we offer up to a maximum of £10,000, though our average loan is less than £5,000. For established businesses with a financial track record, the maximum loan is £20,000.

If you are having difficulty raising finance through conventional sources please go to the Fredericks Foundation loans page for further details. If you think we can help then follow the apply process.

Equally, if you would like to be involved with the Fredericks Foundation in Kent there is a variety of opportunities for volunteers including serving on the Kent Advisory Board, being a business mentor or being a member of our lending panel. 

If you wish to support this current initiative as a donor please contact Kent Community Foundation on 01303 814500.