It's My Life

It’s My Life Trust aims to relieve the needs of children with neurological conditions through the provision of Conductive Education, equipment and classes delivered by a Qualified Lead Conductor and volunteers

Funding though the Albert Burns Children’s Trust and through our Children, Young People and Families theme has helped It’ My Life Fund expand their Mother and Baby sessions for children with neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy, brain/spine injuries and multiple sclerosis which in turn affects their motor functions such as walking and being able to sit or stand.

The Need:

This project addresses the need for more professionally run activities where disabled children are able to develop their personal skills in a caring, friendly and rewarding environment. Being in classes with other children with similar needs they are confident to express themselves without fear of ridicule or embarrassment.

All of the children who attend It’s My Life Conductive Education Classes are affected by a neurological disorder, this mainly manifests itself as a physical disability but a majority of the children also have some learning delay.

Conductive Education was developed at the World Famous PETO Institute in Hungary and is a holistic approach to improve the physical, intellectual, social and academic abilities of babies, children (and adults) with motor disorders, through training the nervous system to form new neural connections. 

The ultimate aim of Conductive Education and therefore, It’s My Life Trust, is to help motor disordered children reintegrate into society and lead independent lives. Huge steps can be achieved with this method which can, and do significantly change lives.

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The Difference Made:

The core families that have attended classes since the charity first started classes six. They also have families that travel across Kent to attend classes and work to support the whole family not just the disabled child.

The funding was spent on running a two week Summer Camp for up to 20 disabled children, with three separate classes across the day according to the age range and ability of the children attending.

Deborah Keam, It’s My Life;

"It is thrilling for us at It's My Life to see how much children are helped by attending regular sessions of Conductive Education, especially where their parents continue to apply the method at home".

"We rely enormously on the support, donations and goodwill of others to help us to continue to provide our services".

The charity has a huge impact for the children and their families. Wendy explained how the sessions have helped her daughter Alexa;

“When Alexa was three days old the doctors told us that she wouldn’t be able to walk, talk or eat. At the end of the school term she took part in the school sports day and completed the relay with her teammates and participated in a dance class. This could not have been possible without the Conductive Education Alexa has received through It’s My Life over the years.”

Georgina, It’s My Life Volunteer;

“I have volunteered with It’s My Life for three years during the summers breaks from University. The topic of my dissertation was inspired by It’s My Life’s Conductive Education Therapy and surveys were completed by the parents. I now work as a Teaching Assistant at Five Acre Wood in Maidstone. It is so amazing to come back and see how well the children are doing and also see new faces in the programme. It is so rewarding to see the children improving. Just today one of the children, Amelia achieved bending over to pick up an object for the first time!”

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