Funder Films

Kent Reliance Provident Society provided funding for this unique filming project. The aim of the project is to address social isolation that people living with dementia and their carers often feel. People living with dementia will have the opportunity to share their stories and memories through creative writing and film. 

Funder Films

The Need:

New research revealed around 1.2 million people in England and Wales will have dementia by 2040. According to the Alzheimer society's 'Dementia 2014', less than half the people living with dementia feel a part of their community, 40% have felt lonely recently, only 47% said that their carer received any help in caring for them, almost 1 in 10 only leave the house once a month, 61% said they had felt anxious or depressed recently.

The Difference Made:

During the summer of 2017, the project will work with three groups of people living with dementia. Each group will receive eight weekly two-hour creative writing sessions. These sessions will focus on telling life stories, sharing memories, capturing and recording snapshots of people’s lives. 

Participants can decide if they want to share their written work aloud for film and will be given a copy of the film and a pamphlet with their stories written up. This keepsake provides a permanent record for them to share with friends and family. 

The film will be uploaded onto YouTube and shown at three venues, including the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury, during Dementia Awareness week 2018 (15th to 21st May). 

The project hopes to achieve:

An increase in a sense of wellbeing among participants. 

An increase general self-confidence and self-esteem. 

A reduction in feelings of isolation. 

The opportunity to revisit memories, express themselves and be heard. Being creative in itself can help people living with dementia as it encourages them to use their brains in different ways, and has been shown to boost well-being. 

Family members to appreciate that their relative is being properly listened to and loved. 

A positive change within participants’ family relationships. 

The creation of a legacy for each family in the form of a short film and writing 

An upskilling of volunteers in how to better engage with people living with dementia. These volunteers will be supported by receiving a Dementia Friends session, and training on what to expect and how to support participants. 

More awareness around it being possible to live well with a diagnosis of dementia. By showing the capabilities of people living with dementia, the hope is to reduce the fear that often prevents seeking a diagnosis and also affects people with a new diagnosis.