Edenbridge Holiday Activities Scheme

Edenbridge Holiday Activities Scheme supports children and their families in the Edenbridge Area by providing organised holiday activities, playschemes, residential camps and outings throughout the year. The children who attend the activities are predominantly from disadvantage families and these holiday activities give the children a chance to gain new skills and build friendships within a safe environment. 

The schemes funded by The Green Family Fund gave the young children the opportunity to go on excursions one of which was a stay at Bowles Rocks Outdoor Centre, which gave the children the chance to learn new skills and work as a team in activities such as rock climbing, canoeing and swimming. It also gave the children chance to experience a London musical by going to see The Lion King. The grant covered both these trips for the young children of Edenbridge and it gave them the opportunity to experience outings that they would not normally get to experience. The trips were both a success in allowing the young children to experience something out of the ordinary which was all down to the funding from The Green Family Fund. 

Edenbridge Holiday Activities Scheme Edenbridge Holiday Activities Scheme

Case Study: 

Nicholas (9) lost his mum several years ago.  He has two older siblings one of which lives with him at his Nanny and Grandads.

Nicholas has ADHD and Autism and struggles to make friends.  The family do not have much money and Nicholas and his grandparents have benefitted from attending EHAS playscheme, trips and camps.  This gives his Nanny and Grandad a well earned rest and Nicholas time to try out new activities and to spend time with children of his own age. 

Nicholas came to the camp at Bowles and thoroughly enjoyed taking part in all of the activities, kayaking, dry skiing, bushcraft, archery, climbing and making a campfire.  He is a child who finds new experiences and places challenging and finds communication difficult.  He overcame his fears with some of the more demanding activities like rock climbing and kayaking and was so pleased with himself for persevering.  It was wonderful for us to see how relaxed and happy he was and how he grew in confidence over the three days.  It brought tears to the staff's eyes as we have been working with him and his family since he lost his mum.

Nanny and Grandad were really pleased with his achievements as they were unsure whether he would cope with a residential camp.

“The grant enabled us to introduce 12 children to experience live theatre.  For most of the children this was their first experience of theatre.  They were stunned by the combination of visual effects of staging and costumes, dance, song and how this enhanced a powerful story line.  The experience was an inspiration to them, and we were able to draw on this during our summer playscheme where we held a talent show for the children to perform a live act on a stage. The residential camp was for many of the children their first time staying away from home and for many their only holiday.  They tried out lots of challenging outdoor activities for the first time with professional instructors and EHAS adults there to encourage them.  They gained confidence and self-esteem from taking part and for some overcame fears of heights, water and other physical challenges.” – Virginia Best