Cinque Ports Community Kitchen CIC

Cinque Ports Community Kitchen CIC was established in 2013 with the primary mission to teach disadvantaged people in the local community to cook from scratch whilst on a tight budget, with fresh healthy ingredients.  As a result the beneficiaries gain access to a healthy diet, develop employment related skills, grow in self-confidence and reduce social isolation. 

The generous grant made by The Minerva Fund has allowed Cinque Ports Community Kitchen to run twenty cooking sessions at Chequers Kitchen Cookery School for young people, in Deal.  These sessions ran from 7pm to 8pm with an average of six young people attending; whilst the twenty sessions were spread out over a time frame of just under a year (June 2016 to March 2017).  This average of six young people attending each session actually saw some build in momentum over the last ten sessions, with average attendance rising to seven per week.  In total, twenty six young people attended at least one session, only one young person attended once, and one young person actually came thirteen times.  The mean attendance per young person was four and a half times whilst the median attendance was four sessions per young person.  Two young girls who attended even went as far as to walk two and a half miles to one session in the summer when they thought they would not be able to get a lift.  

Cinque Ports Kitchen Cinque Ports Kitchen Cinque Ports Kitchen Cinque Ports Kitchen

“A good class last night everyone ate the Chicken Wraps and all of them ate tomatoes & garlic (mixed into Guacamole) as well as lettuce, cabbage and carrots in the salad that went in the wraps. We are slowly getting more vegetables inside them!” – One of the tutors

“Thank you so much for the cookery classes, it is a real shame the funding is over as they have not only been popular, but also worthwhile. I only attended one, but on that occasion, it was clear the classes while providing the hard cooking skills that will support all of the young people in their lives, it also had positive outcomes in terms of building confidence, reducing isolation, improving communication skills, building positive relationships in a warm and friendly atmosphere.” – Youth Hub Delivery manager